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Do I Have To Replace My Antique Door Hardware?

Whether you have an antique lock and key set or doorknob, it is important to know your options when it comes to preserving or restoring these pieces of history. Living in a historic home has its quirks and ornate details. One of the more common details includes the antique door hardware inside, and outside, the home. With so many things going digital nowadays it is easy to think you need to upgrade your historic door hardware if your historic doorknob falls off, you’ve lost your master key, or your lock won’t lock anymore. But did you know there are options for repairing or preserving your current antique door hardware?

Antique-Locks, Keys, and Doorknobs – So Much History!

If you live in a historic home or own antique furniture, you may notice that your locks or keys look a little different than common locks and keys today. Just like everything else in the world, door hardware has evolved.

Door Locks

The need to protect valuables and homes has always been a priority. While locks have come far from leather straps over doorways, we have seen different variations of common lock types. Whether you have a deadbolt lock or a pin and tumbler style lock, these locks have been able to protect your home and valuables for years, maybe even centuries.

Door Keys

Every lock needs a key to open it, keys may seem like a straightforward concept, but they have evolved along with their lock counterparts. Skeleton keys are one of the most common antique keys that you can see used as house keys, furniture keys, and even as fashion accessories! These keys often will open every lock in your home (making it easy to have only a few keys) and are important when it comes to protecting your antique home.


Every lock and keyset needs a doorknob so you can access what’s behind the door. Doorknobs have not always been brass. If you have a brass, glass, or metal doorknob that has an antique charm, why remove that detail?

Owning these pieces of history is a great conversation starter and adds a unique beauty to your home. Not only are they beautiful, but they have been protecting homes for centuries and we understand why you want to preserve these pieces in your antique home.

Is It Time For Digital Door Hardware?

Door hardware has continued to evolve, and living in the digital era leads to the question, do I need to upgrade to digital door hardware? It is easy to assume that once you see broken antique door hardware that it is naturally time to upgrade. This can be a heartbreaking decision when you want to preserve the charm of your historic home.

Contrary to popular belief, antique door hardware can provide the same protection that modern digital hardware provides. While technological advances allow you to have unique codes and key fobs – antique door hardware has been providing individual locking mechanisms since the beginning. Skeleton keys are unique to their own locks.

What is the best part of not depending on a digital door mechanism? You don’t have to worry about dead batteries or malfunctions. You will always have access to your home with your unique antique door hardware – if you don’t lose your antique key.

Restore Your Antique Door Hardware

While everything is going digital, having antique door hardware is unique and a great conversation starter. The good news is that you do not have to change out to new door technology if you do not want to. It’s easy to think antique hardware is not as secure and impossible to replace – however, it may be easier to maintain and preserve than you think thanks to experienced locksmith experts. Keeping your historic home as charming as it was years ago.

Minneapolis Lock & Key – Your Antique Experts

Allow the experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key preserve your current antique door hardware so you don’t have to change out your set. We are trained to maintain the charm of your historic home while providing a secure fix to your broken antique door hardware. We have a unique brazing and soldering process that allows our experts to maintain the look, feel, and function of your antique hardware.

You do not need to live in the Twin Cities to access our antique door hardware experts, we accept mail-ins from anywhere in the United States, even Canada, just pay to ship your antique locks and keys. We are here to make sure historic door hardware is up-to-date and fully functional.

As you continue to admire the charm of your antique home, but see the effects of wear and tear and feel there is no option other than upgrading your antique door hardware, be sure to know your options. Whether you decide you want to continue preserving the unique charm of your home or want to upgrade to digital door hardware, trust the locksmith experts at Minneapolis Lock and Key.