Protect What's important to you

Safe Services

Protect the valuables in your home or business from burglars, fire, or even natural disasters. The better quality safe you have, the more secure your possessions will be. From safe sales to safe servicing, we have your safe solutions.

Safe service center

Safes protect your valuables 24/7, but require maintenance the more they're used or as time passes. From changing a combination to gaining access if locked out or broken, our technicians can assist with all safe maintenance and repair – even help you purchase a new one if it's time to upgrade.

Safe opening

Whether you have a forgotten or lost your safe's combination, inherited an un-openable safe, or you have a safe that was damaged in a fire or burglary, our technicians are available to crack the code and get you access to what's inside.

SAFE Combination changes

It can be difficult to figure out how to change a safe combination. Our technicians are capable of changing the combination on any dial or updating your dial to an electronic keypad.

Safe sales

Ready to purchase a safe or upgrade your existing one? Our safe experts will be able to help you find the right safe for your individual needs. Whether you need to protect firearms, cash, and other valuable items, we can find a safe for you and help install it if necessary. Stop by our retail shop to see some of our safe options in person.

safe installation

When a safe is purchased through us, our technicians are available to help take care of your safe installation at your home or office.

Safe improvements

A high-quality safe should be able to withstand decades of use, if not more. However, as time passes, opening mechanisms can wear out and the level of security your safe offers can decrease (as technology continues to improve) so, when you feel it's time to upgrade your safe's technology, we can help you improve or upgrade your safe.

Safes protect various valuable items such as:



Personal documents


Family heirlooms


External drives & computer backups 

At Minneapolis Lock & Key, our experts can crack the code on all your safe needs.