knife sharpening experts

Knives are a lot more effective when they're sharp. Not only are they easier to use but a sharpened knife can also prevent accidents and injuries. Bring your dull knives or blades to our Minneapolis shop for in-house knife sharpening services.

Benefits of Knife sharpening

High Quality end results

A sharp knife allows you to have a cleaner cut with superior accuracy and minimal effort. Sharpening your knife blades regularly makes precision cutting, chopping, carving, whittling, shaving, and trimming a whole lot easier to using a dull blade.

improved control

When your knives are sharp, you will have better traction when slicing or chopping meat, vegetables, flowers, wood, and more. Control your cuts with ease by getting your knives sharpened at Minneapolis Lock & Key.

safer work environment

Clean cuts, improved control, and a sharp knife allow you to have a safer work environment. Added unnecessary pressure and effort needed to make a dull blade effective can lead to accidents and injuries.

sharpening services

Sharpening, just like locksmithing, requires attention to detail. That is why our sharpening experts know to look at every unique detail and treat each project individually. At Minneapolis Lock & Key we sharpen various tools such as:

Scissors & shears


Paper cutters

Garden tools

Pocket knives

Serrated edges

Stop by our shop for on-site knife sharpening services.