Vintage Lock & Key Repair and Restoration

Minneapolis Lock & Key has been operating since 1915 which has allowed us to see the evolution of locks and keys throughout the years. Let us take care of your antique hardware to preserve the charm of your home's history.


How to save antique door hardware

Do you have old historic door hardware or skeleton keys in need of repair? Brazing and soldering services help preserve the quality and functionality of your antique and vintage door locks and keys. The intricate process involves welding pieces of metal together to fix, replicate, or maintain your old and unique door hardware. With this process, your historic home can maintain its vintage charm and keep your antique locking mechanisms functional. Here are the different ways we can help solve your antique lock and key issues:

Repair antique locksets

Replacing lost skeleton keys

Antique key restoration

Match existing door hardware

Stop by or mail in your antique hardware

Just like historic homes are harder to come by, we know antique key restoration companies aren't on every corner either. If you're in the twin cities metro area, you can bring your antique door hardware directly to our local retail store for servicing. If you are not in the Minneapolis area, you can mail in your antique hardware from anywhere in the United States or Canada. Simply contact us prior to mailing to discuss your lock and key repair or restoration needs.

Trust the experts at Minneapolis Lock & Key with your antique door hardware and contact us today.