Put the days of lost keys and uncontrolled access behind you by installing an electronic lock system in your home. Electronic locks enhance convenience and helps you control access to your property since there are no keys to hand out.


There are multiple different battery-powered lock options ranging from mobile device-controlled deadbolts to electronic keypads. Control resident and visitor access from your mobile device by installing a smart door lock system. When it is time to upgrade your locks from a traditional lockset to an electronic lock device, we have a variety of electronic door lock options to fit whatever degree of technologically savvy you may be.

benefits of electronic locks

unlimited access

Connecting your mobile phone to your electronic lock allows you to lock and unlock your door key-free in real-time from wherever you are.

Ease Of use

Carrying items can make it difficult to find a free hand to put a key in a door's lock. With electronic locks, you can unlock (and lock) your door more conveniently with a push-button code, or your mobile phone.

no more lost house keys

No need to give keys to kids and other housemates that can be lost or stolen. Change the lock code whenever you want on the keypad.

manage visitors

The days of leaving a key under the doormat or flowerpot are over. Directly control guest access remotely by accessing your lock from your phone or giving your house-sitters your unique keycode - while not having to worry about a burglar finding your conspicuously hidden house key.

secure your home, even while away

Wherever you are, use your mobile phone to control your home's door lock system. No need to worry while you are away on vacation, at work, or out for the night, your home will stay secure.

Bluetooth options

Connecting your lock system to your mobile phone via Bluetooth basically turns your phone into a fob, making it easy to lock and unlock your home when within Bluetooth range.

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